Mogilev Foundry Plant, LLC
Republic of Belarus, 212021, Mogilev, Simanava St., 77.
Call: +375 (222) 60-06-19
Call/Fax: +375 (222) 60-06-20
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To Our Future Partners

Our team meets our partners halfway and works to keep them satisfied. We ship materials in small and large orders from small batches to tens of tons. Our team is always open for partnership with large enterprises and with small manufacturers.
Mogilev Foundry Plant LLC earned a reputation of a reliable business partner. Our team makes every effort to ensure that our Clients always received shipments on time and in requested quantities at the most favorable price.
Our company offers a flexible pricing system, which depends not only on the volume of purchase but also on long-term cooperation. We consider all types of payments that do not contradict the laws of the Republic of Belarus. Our experienced managers can handle all requests, answer all questions, and solve the problems.
We are proud that many partners trust and work with us since our foundation. We earn their trust by keeping the high quality of our products.
While developing and continuing to grow, we also preserve the best traditions of our enterprise. We are interested in finding new partners. We hope that you become a client of Mogilev Foundry Plant, LLC.
If you want to learn more, to place an order, to submit your offer, to test service and/or product, please contact us using the following telephone numbers or through the feedback form.

Tel.: +375 (222) 47-13-59
Tel./Fax: +375 (222) 47-15-00



We offer an entire spectrum of consumables for foundries production needs. All our products are certified according to the state standards, technical requirements. Each product has a quality certificate.



Mogilev Foundry Plant, LLC is a successful Belarusian company with more than 20 years experience.



We keep a full assortment of foundry products in our warehouse to ship in both small and large quantities on demand.

Mogilev Foundry Plant, LLC
Republic of Belarus, Mogilev, Simanava Ave, 77
Call: +375 (222) 60-06-19
Call/Fax: +375 (222) 60-06-20
E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.